Young people
En farlig vän (A dangerous friend) 2015
Nominated for the award for the best detective story for children and young adults in 2015
leo_engA crime novel that is easy to read for those young readers, who like excitement but hesitate to read a long book.
Leo, 14. has been bullied in his old school and his family moves so he can start in a new school.
He meets soon his neighbour Jonna, a cool girl who does everything she wants. They are going to be classmates and that makes Leo happy. With Jonna by his side he has nothing to fear.

Leo is completely knocked by Jonna´s crazy ideas. Sometimes too crazy. She steels, lies and demonstrates proudly her homemade chemical bombs. But Leo doesn´t listen to the warnings ringing in his ears. He follows Jonna´s whims without a suspect of the catastrophe their friendship leads to.

Critics like the book:
"A very thought-provoking story about bullies and bullied ... It's an exciting and painful story. The book has no illustrations and the readersmay theirselves create their inner images, facilitated by all the vivid descriptions. The end gives hope, but it is also open. The story can lead to many important discussions about bullying . A dangerous friend is a very informative reading from many different aspects."