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Jonzon, Jonsson-series
A charming series about ralationships, frustations and how confusing it can be to fall in love with a step-sister/-brother.
Tea and Alexis have no choice. Tea and her two younger siblings must leave their friends and their dad. Alexis must leave his mother and their apartment. Together they will be starting a new life under the same roof, even though they don't´ know each other or each other´s families. Just because Tea´s mum and Alexis´s dad have decided to live together.
That is how the funny and moving tale about the new family Jonzon, Jonsson starts. the first part (Syskon mot sin vilja) was published in april 2011, the second (Lögner och hemligheter) was published in august 2011. The third part, Lov utan lov (Holiday without permission), and fourth, Bonuskärlek (Bonuslove) were published in 2012.
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