Young people

Eviga glömskans allé (The Alley to Eternal Oblivion) 2013

Won the award for the best detective story for children and young adults in 2013

eviga alle16-year old Alexa is used to take care of herself. But when her mother is going to work in Africa and her best friend moves to another city she feels very lonely, although she often visits her grandmother. Fortunately Alexa meets her dreamboy, Rasmus, at a party. She also gets a new exiting girlfriend Amanda, who soon turns to be freaky and queer.
During the same time there has been many cruel robberies towards old people in the same area. They have been beaten and robbed in their owns houses. Alexa´s grandmothers desolated house by the beach does not seem secure any more. Especially when someone is sneaking around outside and perhaps even inside the house in the nights. And Alexa`s grandmother reveals dark family secret.
Alexa´s life turns out to be a nightmare. Is her grandmother going to be the cruel robbers´next victim? Or does grandmother see ghosts? Or has Alexa gone crazy?

What do the critics say:

A very  well written novel for teens with thrills, excitement and love. I recommend the book from 13 years - if you dare to get a fright

You should not read certain books in the evening if you are alone in a big house - if you do not want to run in panic through the house, close the windows, lock all the doors and put all the lights on. Ritta´s book has that effect on me although I´m not so easy to frighten.

What I really like with this book is the thrilling feeling and the excitement that grows, but also how the relationship between the grandmother and Alexa is described. What also appeals to me is  the brutally realistic portrait of grandmothers illness - and that is really is not an easy thing to write about.

All these facts make the book thrillingly readable. But read it when  sun still shines!       

I could not put it away till I had read it to the end. Ritta builds ably up a really thrilling feeling. If you like thrillers, this is a book for you!