Young people
He calls himself Esmeralda (Han kallar sig Esmeralda)
esmeralda_engsidaExciting book on a hot and current topic
Selena is popular, trendy and comes from a wealthy family. Magne lives in a rundown apartment building and work extra at McDonalds. They attend the same class in high school, but in completely different circles. Suddenly their paths cross and that’s the start of an unexpected friendship. But it is not easy to fall for someone who does not fit into your life, and that even your friends despise. And when a movie of a stripping girl begins to spread online and it turns out that the girl is Selena, everything comes to a head.
Selena seek support from Esmeralda, whom she has met online but not yet in real life. They are chatting about everything and Selena feels she can really trust Esmeralda, when everyone else fails. At the same time Sweden is shaken by headlines about girls who disappeared after chatting with strange men, too late Selena discovers that everything is not as it seems to be.
He calls himself Esmeralda is a terrifying page-turner that handles up an incredibly timely subject. It’s also a book about friendship, love and about being supportive even when life is hard.

Critics like Esmeralda:
"I think this book should be a part of teeagers education, everyone should read it!!
" It is a dynamic story about very important and current topics. Ritta convey these in a skilful manner while her language is both readable and poignant. A really exciting thriller that I devoured in a flash"
"Special features of the book is a genre unusual unvarnished, not to say gritty realism. The author settles close to the teen's raw jargon and the portrait of the pedophile and his vile deeds is naked in its openness.
Ritta Jacobson's novel art is in itself a proof of the superiority of fiction as a mediator of knowledge about the present. While it involves by being dramatic and thrilling, it opens readers eyes to see current problems ... "
"Nasty and very exciting youth crime novels about Selena, an upper-class girl making just one big mistake"