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I am the first writer who has alone won the award for the best detective story
for children and young adults two times: 2006 Aphrodite and Death and 2013 The Alley to Eternal Oblivion.


Ritta Jacobsson

I celebrated my 20th year as an author 2014 with a thrilling crime novel for young adults "He calls himself Esmeralda".

After that I have written a new crime novel for young adults "A dangerous friend", published 2015. It was nominated for the best detective story for children and young adults .

I started my career with 16 humorous, everyday stories about an ordinary teenagegirl's extraordinary life - the series about TINA.
Then I wrote a crime novel, using the pseudonym Helena Nurmi. It is called Exekutorn (The executor)
The four books "JONZON, JONSSON" about the stepsiblings Tea and Alexis were published 2011-2012
The first part of the teen crime series about Aphrodite was published in 2006 and got really popular when I was honoured with the prize ”Spårhunden” (”The bloodhound”)for best youth crime novel of the year – the first part of Aphrodite: ”Afrodite och döden”! (Aphrodite and death). Till now I have written five more books about her. Read more about the books under "Young people".  

I have written a crime novel with short sentences for boys (and girls)
who hesitate to read a long book.
MAX out in the cold (LL-förlaget 2012)

The Alley to Eternal Oblivion (Forma Books) 2013 is a thriller for young readers.

For this book I won my second crime novel prize. My novel was honoured with the award Spårhunden (The Bloodhound) for the best detective story for children and young adults of the year 2013.

I also visit schools in Sweden and Finland. My main goal is to get the pupils interested in reading, to inspire them to write their own stories and let them catch a glimpse of everyday-life as an author.
I also lecture for grown-ups at libraries and conferences.