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The first book about Aphrodite, Afrodite och döden (Aphrodite and Death)
won an award for the best detective story for young adults in 2006
(Aphrodite and the Fate) published: april 2011
bok afro odetA tough autumn for Afrodite!
It’s autumn and Ditte has started year nine. The school tournaments are ahead and Ditte is the only girl in the school’s floorball team. She might well play better than most of the boys, but it still makes her feel nervous. But then Bjarne, the PE teacher who has always supported Ditte and stood up for her, takes paternity leave and the young, newly qualified Ted takes his place.
   In the midst of all of that, Anton starts in Ditte’s class. He’s handsome and charming and thanks to him, his old class won the school championships in floorball last year. People soon start saying that Anton should take Ditte’s place in the team, the atmosphere goes downhill fast and a Facebook group is started that is against her and for Anton. Ted tries to follow in Bjarne’s footsteps and support Ditte, but he isn’t as strong. He also has a gambling problem and owes money to the wrong people – something that he’s scared stiff that people will find out.
(Aphrodite and the Guilt ) Published: april 2010
"- No! Don't go there! The ghosts will come after you! They're gonna eat you!
I kept walking with Woof right behind me, in spite of Matilda's wild protests.
The grass on the beach was knee-high, but a well-worn path led to the jetty. To my disappointment I realized from a distance that tar-coated black door of the boathouse was locked with a solid padlock. "

I kept walking anyway. The wall planks were loosely nailed together, as opposed to the solid door. Maybe it was possible to have a look inside between the boards?

When I got closer I could smell something stale. Kind of like my grandfather's earth cellar. But this smell was ranker - in fact it was nauseating.

It reminded me of one time when a mouse had gnawed a hole in the wall of our garage and then died in there. The stench of its decaying body poisoned the air in the garage for weeks.

I could now smell the exact same stench here.

Woof sniffed and hesitantly pattered around in front of the door.

I tried to get a peek between the boards, but all I could see was darkness.

I got my cell phone out of my pocket and shone into the house.

At the exact same moment I heard a noise…"

(Aphrodite and the ill-fated) Published: september 2009
”With my pulse pounding as an old steam-engine I ran in panic from door to door, looking for the girl. I nearly tripped over a wooden chest at the far end of the hallway. It was long and narrow like a coffin, but a lot simpler.
Cold shivers went down my back. Why was it here?
This was a nightmare! Where was she?
Behind the door at the far end I finally found her. She was sitting on the bed, in the same weird position as before. What if she also was dead?!”

Aphrodite just wants to spend a calm and nice summer with her boyfriend Alexander. A week at Alexander's grandma's place in a cozy coastal town sounds perfect. But is everything really as idyllic as it seems?
Cars with tinted windows make strange deliveries to the mansion nearby, the local kids are hostile and Alexander's grandma seems to be hiding something.
When Aphrodite's dog Woof sneaks into the park around the mansion Ditte finds a girl who seems to be locked up in the mansion's basement. Ditte decides to find out what's going on, even though Alexander and his grandma start protesting. The truth turns out to be more terrible than she ever could have imagined. Did Aphrodite take on more than she can manage this time?

What do the critics say about Aphrodite and the Ill-fated:
The unravelling of the story is very tense and dramatic. The language is fresh, and both the text and the course of events have a flow. As a reader you are tempted to read it in one sitting. The dialogue never feels constructed, but has a steady, realistic and easy flow, the characters are well thought-out and are totally free from clichés. Ditte is portrayed as a nuanced girl, with all the torments and insight of a teen girl… HES/BTJ

Afrodite och hämnden (Aphrodite and the Revenge)
It seems as though someone is out after Aphrodite. She`s been followed, had mysterious phone-calls and threatening mail. Who is it and why? Does it have something to do with her being a witness in a trial against a gang of youths. A few young girls in the area have also been attacked recently. Are the attacks connected in some way? And do they have anything to do with Aphrodite. At the same time, Aphrodite and her best friend Jo are in love. They´ve each met a really nice boy on the Internet and are going to meet them for real. The question is – are the boys what they seem to be?

What do the critics say about Aphrodite and the Revenge:
…The author has a feeling for current themes in the world of teens. The realistic story telling as well as the diction style feels natural and brings life to the story, in combination with well-created main characters.
The many dialogues are casual and realistic in a language used by teens… ESS/BTJ

Afrodite och sveket (Aphrodite and the Betrayal)
It was... awful!
He wanted to close his eyes, throw up, cry, but they had held him and forced him to look at it. For a long time.

They had told him to think about what could happen if he didn't do as they said. He had been thinking. And decided to do as they said.”



Many of Aphrodite's friends at school start acting weird. Shy Simon is suddenly friends with the older, wild kids and Natalie gets up on the roof in the middle of class and threatens to jump. Something isn't right. But when Aphrodite starts asking questions all she gets is silence and fear. This only makes Aphrodite more curious, but she doesn't understand how ruthless the people she's starting to get involved with are. Not until Aphrodite herself is accused of stealing, and her beloved dog Woof is in mortal danger. It is hard fighting against people who can make her friends at school do just anything, even letting their best friend down...

Afrodite och döden (Aphrodite and Death
- won an award for the best detective story for young adults in 2006
“The author´s fingertip feeling for story, language and style makes this novel credible and completely free from stereotypes, which characterize an excellent adolescent novel”
Murder on an ordinary housing estate

One evening Aphrodites`s neighbor and school friend Mikaela disappears on her way from a friend´s house. A few days later she´s found – dead.
Aphrodite can´t help digging out what´s happened and is soon drawn into a web of clues, lies and dangerous events. The more she searches, the greater the nagging feeling she tries to repress. The murderer is someone she knows. And the murderer realizes the she knows far too much…

What do the critics have to say about "Afrodite och sveket" (Aphrodite and the betrayal)?
The second book about Aphrodite is more polished than the first one. Suspense is skilfully built up and almost unbearably intensified. BTJ

A knowledge of teen greed and gang violence that I rather would have been without is forced on me. But at the same time not – it feels good to know that someone makes a stand and refuses to be a part of it – that everything finally ends. Horror and morals in a book devouring mix. Svenska Dagbladet

The end is both thrilling and shocking, yet credible. Ritta Jacobsson is in other words combining a pattern of ”whodunnit” and a social realistic description of teen life, and she does it well. Aphrodite and her creator can for sure look forward to new prizes as well as new criminal cases to solve.
Helsingborgs Dagblad

What do the critics say about "Afrodite och döden" (Aphrodite and death)?

”...There is a dreadful suspense in a story with many qualities, when it comes to content as well as language. Ritta Jacobsson writes discerningly psychologic, with good and credible dialogues, a varied description of characters and skilful descriptions of surroundings that contribute to the intense, creepy atmosphere. The book doesn't yield to the dark and horrifying, but at the same time there is an elated description of love and many humorous and warm scenes that make a good balance. The elements of tension and the short chapters make the book easy to read, but hard to read without stopping”. BTJ