Follow the tracks of Aphrodite


This is the Bewitched lake , where Ditte walks her dog and where her classmate Mikaela is found murdered. The southern beach is perfect for trips and picnics. The northern beach is brushier and rough – a real troll forest. It is absolutely a place that stirs your imagination! It was here that I got the idea for the first book about Aphrodite.

Ditte and Woof gaze out over the Bewitched lake.
"Hedvig's house might have been white once upon a time, but the walls had now darkened to become a dirty shade of grey. There were several spots where the plaster had been peeled off from the brick wall” (Aphrodite and the Death)

Ditte's dog Woof, confusingly similar to my own Buselina.
Ditte's school is idyllically situated between a residential district and a forest. But scary things can happen even in an idyllic spot…
I would however like to point out that everything that happens in the book is a creation of my imagination. I'm sure that the pupils and teachers working in the school in this picture do an excellent job and then don't have to deal with terrible violence like in Ditte's school.

A picture of the nightly atmosphere at Ditte's school.

”It is weird how a place that you know well can transform into something real scary once it gets dark. A feeling of uneasiness made me have my guard up and kept me from crying out for somebody. I closed the door to the well-lit locker room instead. And it was not until then I took a few steps into the dark gym hall…” (Aphrodite and the Betrayal)

The gravel pit close to Ditte's house becomes an uncanny, desolate place in the dark. There are steep slopes where anything can happen; a girl can be pushed down for example… (Aphrodite and the Betrayal)

I listened closely and suddenly heard something rustling in the woods. As if someone were sneaking around. Woof had her head in my lap, but also heard something and gazed towards the trees. ”Don't do that!” Jo hissed. "What?" "You looked as if there were something scary behind my back!"
(Aphrodite and the Revenge)

A break by the the Bewitched lake.

After the stony stream the creek was wider and there was a strong current when the water flowed towards an old stone bridge. It seemed to be about a hundred years old. Beyond the bridge the glittering sea was to be seen. Alexander made his way towards a floating wooden jetty some ten metres before the bridge. (Aphrodite and the Ill-fated)

We went home past the flower-decked bridge and continued along the enchanting creek, side by side. But Alexander kept his distance, to not even accidentally touch my hand. The night was smashed like an old race car at the junkyard.
(Aphrodite and the Ill-fated)

Suddenly we stood in front of the red boathouse.
Matilda stopped short as soon as she realized where we were.
-  I'm not allowed to be here, she said.
-  Why not?
-  It's haunted!
(Aphrodite and the Guilt)

While Woof sniffed around I sat down on a rock, with the sea and the sky as a blue shimmering piece of scenery before my eyes. I listened to the thundering of the waves and tried to sort out my thoughts.
As far as I was concerned, the right thing to do was to stop being secretive and to put my cards on the table. I had too many secrets now. (Aphrodite and the Guilt)

Up on the mountain a plateau with a steep slope leading towards the glittering sea opened up before our eyes.
I held on to Robin, almost desperately. I felt a twinge in my stomach when I realized that he was going straight towards the steep slope. I let go of his waist and prepared to jump off at full speed.
(Aphrodite and the Guilt)
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